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Horizon Africa Blockchain Use Cases and Models
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Package 4: Blockchain Use Cases and Models


The in-house Blockchain Training will explore the central ideas, technologies, and ecosystems surrounding the Blockchain technology from both, a technical and non-technical perspective. Understand the key strengths and weaknesses of the Blockchain technology and the mechanism for their functioning. You will also get to explore the architecture of a blockchain application along with scalability considerations of decentralized apps. By the end of our journey, you will be able to formulate your own informed models, hypotheses and use cases.

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Contents for the course include:

  1. Blockchain implications for your business
  2. Blockchain use-cases relative for your business
  3. Understanding different Blockchain-based business models
  4. How smart contracts need to adapt to satisfy regulations
  5. The promise of Blockchain-based business
  6. Use Cases