1What is the Horizon Africa Blockchain Network?
The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network (HABN) is a permissioned and open blockchain based on Ethereum. It is based on the Proof of Authority consensus algorithm which allows the blockchain to have a higher transaction throughput and lower transaction costs.
2Do you have a native cryptocurrency?
The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network has a native cryptocurrency called the HABX which is used to pay for transactions.
3Is HABX listed on any exchange?
Currently, HABX is not listed on any exchange.
4How do I get HABX?
You can receive HABX from grants or incentives from the different partners in the project. The project also provides initiatives to developers, startups and companies who want to launch a decentralized app on the platform.
5Why another blockchain?
The aim of the Horizon Africa Blockchain Network is to increase awareness of the Blockchain technology in African countries and at the same time provide a robust structure on which African startups can build their decentralized applications, either for the public or the private sector.
6Who is building the Horizon Africa Software?
The software behind Horizon Africa is being built by its core team. You can find more information in our team page.
7Are HABX reserved for Founders?
A certain percentage of the total HABX initially created is allocated to the founders. This resource will be used primarily for development and training purposes. You can find more details about the coins distribution on our HABX page.
8Are HABX Tokens transferable?
HABX are fully transferable between compatible wallets.
9How can I access the HABN blockchain?
To access the HABN network, you need to set up a participating node. More details are included in the developers section.
10Will HABN continue to provide updates and fixes to the HABN Software?
The HABN Software is provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. If someone chooses to adopt and deploy the software, they take full responsibility for patching and upgrading the software as necessary to serve their use case. HABN will continue to enhance the HABN reference software. In this process we may find and fix bugs. It is up to each HABN-based blockchain community to review, merge, and implement an upgrade strategy.
11Where can I download the HABX wallet?
Mobile and desktop wallets are still under development.