Logistics and Supply Chain

From reduced paperwork, visibility and transparency, traceability of goods (food, pharma, etc) to reduction of fraud and theft, the blockchain technology is bound to change these sectors in the coming years with the use of smart contracts.


Blockchain will allow for an accumulation of data from multiple authoritative service providers into a single, cryptographically secure database. KYC verification through this type of architecture has the ability to be faster, more secure and more efficient than current verification procedures. This, in turn, will allow the public to better trust these systems with their personal data.

Loyalty Points

One of the clearest use cases for Blockchain tokens is as a replacement to the points systems used in loyalty programs worldwide, providing higher transparency, interoperability, liquidity, trust and security.


Using information in the Blockchain network, automatic accounting shows big promise in the transfer of ownership of assets, and maintaining a ledger of accurate financial information. The accounting profession is broadly concerned with the measurement, communication and analysis of financial information.

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