Financial technology (FinTech or fintech) is any new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services.

With the launch of cryptocurrencies a few years ago, FinTech has developed to take a very important place in the technology sphere around the world. A lot of African countries are also experiencing renewed interest in this field and many companies are either engaging with Financial Technology or thinking about integrating some aspects of it in their core businesses. This undoubtedly proves the importance of this sector in the current state of things.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies and tokenization of assets, FinTech has become even more complex. The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network aims at helping companies bridge the knowledge gap between the technology, determine what can be achieved and how concrete results can be expected in the short and long run.

Mobile Banking

Financial services companies can use Horizon Africa Blockchain Network for instant payments and transfers anywhere in the world. Decentralized Apps can be used to transfer currency, tokens, or file hashes from your internal company network, through the public blockchain, and into another company’s network.


Horizon Africa allows you to launch your own tokens or cryptocurrency. Tokens can then be customized via smart contract functions. Particular emphasis has been put on the setup of ERC20 tokens and more recently, Security Tokens.


Blockchain applications can help in post-trade clearing, payment and settlement. Trade matching occurs at the rate of hundreds of transactions per second but clearing and settlement of stock takes more than two days to complete. Horizon Africa provides the infrastructure to re-design and re-engineer the current exchange systems.


Horizon Africa allows the set up of trustless accounts to manage transfers of currency, tokens, data, or any other assets. Decentralized escrow accounts allow for reduced risks and lower transaction fees.


Within the insurance sector, the claims and finance functions are high-value areas where blockchain could be beneficial, especially concerning processes that need ongoing reconciliation with external parties. Insurance companies regularly have to process and manage claims against other companies, resulting in the exchange of money, typically in the form of a paper check or an electronic transaction. A blockchain-based solution could be a completely automated and decentralized solution which would eliminate most of the inefficiencies associated with this activity.

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