The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network (HABN) is a public permissioned EVM-compatible blockchain network.

FinTech Solutions

Having the proper structure to develop FinTech solutions.

Blockchain and smart contracts provide a different and effective platform for FinTech solutions. The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network enables companies in the financial industry to come up with real-world solutions.

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Government Sector

Greater security and transparency.

Enhance transparency and security in the Government sector by using the blockchain technology. Encourage open data initiatives along with transparent budgetary spending and increase efficiency of government-based services by streamlining processes.

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Digital Healthcare

Use HABN to streamline medical processes and records.

Healthcare is undergoing a major upheaval due to technology. Smart contracts can allow digital healthcare to develop further.

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Tokenize the African Economy

Use the power of Blockchain to tokenize the African Economy.

Tokenize different kinds of assets, from land and vehicle ownership to creation of artistic assets including music, paintings and videos .

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Games Development

Develop Blockchain-based Games.

Use the emerging Blockchain technology to create online and decentralized games and deploy to the whole world.

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Education and Dissemination

Educate everyone and introduce Blockchain to young people.

Horizon Africa aims at disseminating technical and non-technical knowledge about Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies to young students and to African tech startups.

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For Developers

You Imagine - You Create

The Horizon Africa project also aims to increase the involvement of African developers in the Blockchain technology. The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network will provide a test bed for developing and deploying simple or complex Dapps (Decentralized Apps) for solving problems specific to the African continent, and allow African to communicate and work more efficiently with other countries.

Create Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are currently hugely popular.

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Create Apps for

  • Identity management
  • Gaming
  • Land registry
  • Schools
  • Supply chains
  • Agricultural sector

Want more information?

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