Digital Healthcare

Healthcare is an essential part of any country. An enormous budget is normally allocated to this sector along with significant resources to research and development. One of the emerging aspects of healthcare is digital healthcare, that is, how digitisation is affecting health services in different ways.

The Blockchain technology is currently opening a lot of avenues to enhance healthcare services and allows for new processes and ways to improve people's lives. Applications of the Blockchain technology in Digital Healthcare include the introduction and use of smart contracts in patient approval, secure storage of medical records, along with securing digital identity of patients.

Drug Traceability

Drugs counterfeiting and drugs management in the supply chain is a big headache for most medical institutions and can result in loss of lives for patients.

Allowing drug traceability to the drugs supply chain via a blockchain can be a very effective way to easily track a product and ensure that information for that specific item is genuine.

Patient Data Management

Managing patient data is a very complex and time consuming problem. Along with the storage requirements, access control is particularly important and difficult to manage from the patients' perspective because of centralized servers and the possibility of having different copies of the same information in different places.

A blockchain-based access control system could allow patients to more easily manage access to their medical information.

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