How to choose your Blockchain Course in Mauritius

In the last few weeks, we have been meeting a lot of people asking about blockchain courses in Mauritius. The most common question from them circled around choosing the right blockchain course for their businesses. In this post, we will go over the importance of a blockchain course when we live in an era where all information is now available online. Also, we will also try to identify the proper blockchain course for your business in Mauritius.

Why a Blockchain Course

The most obvious question relating to a blockchain course is about the relevance of such a course when all the information is now available online and within a few clicks away. This is a very valid question and it is important to understand the importance of having a blockchain course customized to your business requirements. The current problem with online content is the sheer quantity available if you want to learn about the blockchain technology. This technology has various levels of abstraction and complexities and the first step in understanding the diverse topics about blockchain is not about learning them all. Instead, the best way is to know how to proceed and which learning paths to choose in order to optimize your time.

It is not difficult to take out 6 months and learn everything about the blockchain technology. However, it is much smarter to take only one day and learn everything about blockchain which is relevant to your line of business.

How to choose a Blockchain Course in Mauritius

There are different ways to choose the course most suited to your business needs. In the following sections, we will see what to look for when choosing a blockchain course. The main aspects that determine the quality of a blockchain course are the contents of the course, profile of the trainer and most important of all, real practical experience of the trainer.

Blockchain course in Mauritius
Blockchain course in Mauritius

Contents of the Course

Having the right content in a blockchain course is the primary facet which determines the quality of a course. Based on the topic being discussed and the audience, courses might need to be divided into different levels to cater for an audience with varied experience in that specific field. Moreover, contents for a blockchain course should be geared towards the local economy but with a general focus on the global market. The blockchain technology is an enabler and creates opportunities at various levels within the same business sector. It is therefore imperative to start at the micro level, but including the disruptive nature of the blockchain technology in every aspect of the course content.

The blockchain technology is as much a technical breakthrough as much as a major societal development. As such, the course must cater for both of these aspects in a way that makes sense to people from different sectors.

Profile of the Trainer

The second most important aspect of a blockchain course is the profile of the trainer. In many of our talks and conversations with people, we realised that the fact that most people are not well versed in the blockchain technology allows other people with very basic knowledge about the topic to actually misguide them with inaccurate descriptions and explanations of the blockchain technology. To understand the real meaning of a blockchain and all the related concepts such as decentralization, consensus, on-chain governance and the real role of cryptocurrencies, it is important to first know about the trainer. The best way to get information about a person is very simple nowadays with Google. Choosing a trainer who is a recognised authority in Mauritius in the blockchain sector practically ensures a good customized explanation of the blockchain technology.

It is also important to ensure that the trainer knows the local market in which you are operating as a business or as a professional. The blockchain technology has different implications and use cases in different countries. A blockchain course in Mauritius would focus a lot of prototyping and devising ways to change business models with as little disruption as possible to allow businesses and professionals to be able to accommodate the differences. Mauritius is a country with less financial resources than other countries and as such, investments in blockchain-related activities should have a clear return on investment strategy and path.

Practical Experience / Real Projects Experience

The blockchain technology is very particular in the sense that it is still quite new but offer unprecedented opportunities to tap into an emerging market. Blockchain is as much a technical concept as much as a business opportunity. As such, a blockchain trainer should definitely have extensive experience in the development, implementation and deployment of real blockchain solutions. This ensures that the trainer not only knows the conceptual side of the blockchain technology but also the implementation details and complexities when working with this technology.

Blockchain course in Mauritius
Blockchain course in Mauritius
Suyash Sumaroo
Suyash Sumaroo
Experienced in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and over 10 years development and managerial experience in software development. Looking forward to help businesses to tap into new opportunities with the blockchain technology.