Horizon Africa partners with Harel Mallac Technologies to boost Blockchain Innovation

For the last few months, Harel Mallac Technologies and Horizon Africa have been working closely to study and develop blockchain solutions for the local and international market. Blockchain technology is becoming an increasingly important innovation factor in the strategy of many businesses. Horizon Africa’s vision is to leverage the opportunities offered by Blockchain and provide innovative solutions to different sectors where Blockchain has valid use cases including but not limited to the financial sector. With our cooperation with HMT, Horizon Africa expects to push the boundaries of what Mauritius can achieve in the next few years.

About Harel Mallac Technologies

Harel Mallac Technologies is considered a household name in the Mauritian business sector. They have been leading the technological landscape for the past 30 years with a strong presence in the Indian Ocean and African continent and have successfully deployed hundreds of projects in different sectors of the economy. Their services and products offerings are unparalleled and they have a great vision of using innovation in the Blockchain space to further their development.

About Horizon Africa

Horizon Africa is a blockchain-focused startup with a mission to democratize the use of Blockchain technology. As part of this mission, The Horizon Africa Blockchain Network was launched a few months ago with an aim to provide a Blockchain platform to develop decentralized applications with the use of Smart Contracts and Tokenization technologies.

Quote from Suyash Sumaroo (Co-Founder of Horizon Africa)

Our collaboration with HMT is a big step forward for our team and highlights the effort in pushing the boundaries of our current technologies. I believe that with HMT on our side, we can innovate in various sectors in Mauritius and abroad. I believe that HMT shares our vision of using innovation to solve real-world problems.

Suyash Sumaroo
Suyash Sumaroo
Experienced in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology and over 10 years development and managerial experience in software development. Looking forward to help businesses to tap into new opportunities with the blockchain technology.