Horizon Africa is a project focused on disseminating knowledge about blockchains and cryptocurrencies to the African continent. We also aim to follow a different model for token distribution and allocation. As such, a lot of our resources is aimed at students, developers, innovators, entrepreneurs and private companies.

Horizon Africa Blockchain will issue 250,000,000 HABX in the genesis block and the coins will be allocated as specified below:

  1. 20% (50,000,000 HABX) to be reserved for founders and initial developers of the network. This is to ensure that the founders and developers of the network have enough funds to continue developing the network in the long run.
  2. 10% (25,000,000 HABX) reserved for initial partners and early adopters of the network.
  3. 20% (50,000,000 HABX) reserved for education and scholarship programmes to students, entrepreneurs and innovators.
  4. 20% (50,000,000 HABX) reserved for validators upon agreement to become official validators of the network.
  5. 30% (75,000,000 HABX) to be reserved for a private token sale.