Every organisation seeks to ensure that new graduates, new hires, and current employees add value to the business quickly and consistently. It has become ever more critical to onboard and train employees cost‐effectively, as well as to ensure all staff are up‐to‐date with new products, new techniques and changes in the marketplace.

Horizon Africa has a clear mission to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem and pass our expertise on blockchain development to make you the next generation of blockchain developers. Look under the hood and really get to grips with the technical world. Get a deep and thorough understanding of the concepts that underpin how the world of blockchain works. Look at use cases in detail and really understand how they work and why they work. Learn about new concepts like the DAO and why this is something that has huge implications for the world.

Horizon Africa Academy currently offers the courses below. We also tailor-make courses according to your specific requirements. Feel free to reach out to us to get more information about our custom courses.